Contracting Opportunities


BDS has effectively created a team of veteran independent contract drivers that average five years of experience contracting with our company. Since 9/11 happened BDS and its clients are very security conscience and request that contracting drivers for security and identification purposes be uniformed. Some independent contractors are required to be D.O.T. and HAZMAT certified in order to receive certain delivery orders. By selecting quality professional independent contractors we are able to maintain an on-time ratio of 98%.

New independent contractors that meet or exceed our requirements will receive a through orientation of each customer’s delivery locations and any special request or requirements before being provided orders to deliver as our representatives. The knowledge and assistance provided to new contractors is part of our continuing commitment to excellence.

What Do We Offer?

  • LOCAL SAME DAY and MILEAGE RUNS M-F (occasional weekends)
  • Independent Contractor's Supplemental Income!
  • Negotiated Rates

  • Examples of Vehicles Needed:

    Small SUV's Full Size Pickups Full Size SUV's

    Full Size Vans Minivans Small Pickups
    Needing: Economy or Full Size Vans, SUV's or Pickups w/Lockable Bed Cover or Camper Top (below)
    Lockable Cover Example Lockable Camper Top Example